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We just love ice cream!

Hi friends,


Thanks for your interest in the story of Blue Barn Scoops!  We are Jeremy and Sarah...UW-Stevens Point college sweethearts married for over two decades, blessed with four ever-growing children.  Our family is lucky enough to have settled on some acreage in the Central Wisconsin countryside with chickens, pups, and of course, a big, beautiful blue barn.  As a couple, we shared a love for ice cream right from the start, enjoying many a date night over the years with a stroll and a scoop from a local shop.  Not surprisingly that has carried over to our kids, as family hikes and big soccer games are often capped off with a celebratory ice cream cone.  A few scoops of deliciousness have a way of:

Bringing feelings of joy and happiness to our days...

A sweetness to this life...

A reminder of good times and simple pleasures.


As a high school finance teacher and athletics coach with a Master's Degree in Business, Jeremy has long had dreams of owning his own business.  Ice cream just seemed like the perfect fit, and what an ideal motivator to get our kids involved and invested in the idea!  So after falling in love with a special creamery serving up farmstead ice cream from happy cows in southern Wisconsin, we decided to finally take the leap and start this mobile ice cream truck.  A great friend in the car business helped us find the perfect vehicle, an amazing former co-worker and artist designed our logo...and now we're off on this crazy, fun adventure with grateful hearts and ice cream tubs full of hope for the future.


We believe that...

Sometimes you have to take risks to get rewards.

With hard work comes pride and accomplishment.

Children are the greatest gift and time together is priceless.

Supporting local businesses and Wisconsin-made products is truly important.

Kindness and a big smile go a long way.

Nature, fresh air, and time outside are good for the soul.

You can always find a reason to celebrate.

A healthy diet can include a little sweetness once in awhile.

The people we meet, the places we go, and the experiences we share are the real treasures in this life.

And all you truly need is LOVE...

and maybe a scoop of ice cream.


Hope to see you soon!


The Castlebergs

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